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Right Circular Cone Class 10 Solution

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Q.1 I have made a closed right circular cone whose length of the base radius is 15 cm and slant height is 24 cm. Let us calculate the curved surface area and total surface area of that cone.

Q.2 Lets us determine the volume of the cone when {i} have area is 1.54 sq m and height is 2.4 m. {ii} the length of the base diameter is 21 m and slant height is 17.5 m.

Q.3 Amina has drawn a right-angled triangles whose lengths of two sides adjacent to the right angle are 15 cm and 20 cm. Let us determine the curved surface area, total surface area, and volume of the solid which is formed by taking the side of length 15cm which is formed by completely revolving the triangle once around the side of the triangle with the length of 15cm, having been taken as an axis.

Q.4 If the height and slant height of a cone is 6cm and 10cm respectively. Then let us determine the total surface area and volume of the cone.

Q.5 If the volume of a right circular cone is 100 π cm2 and height is 12cm, then let us write by calculating, the slant height of the cone.

Q.6 77 sq m triple is required to make a right circular conical tent. If the slant height of the tent is 7 m, then let us write by calculating, the base area of the tent.

Q.7 The diameter of the base area of a right circular cone is 21m and height is 14m. Let us calculate the expenditure to color the curved surface at the rate of ₹ 1.50 per sq m.

Q.8 The length of the base diameter of a wooden toy of conical shape is 10cm. the expenditure for polishing whole surfaces of the toy at the rate of ₹ 2.10 per m is ₹ 429. Let us calculate the height of the toy. Let us also determine the quantity of wood that is required to make the toy.

Q.9 The quantity of iron sheet to make a boya of right circular conical shape is 75 3/7 m sq. If the slant height of it is 5cm, then let us write, by calculating, the volume of air in the boya and its height. Let us determine the expenditure to color the whole surface of the boy at the rate of ₹ 2.80 per m. the width of the iron sheet is not to be considered while calculating.

Q.10 In a right circular conical tent 11 person can stay. For each person 4m space and the base and 20 cm air are necessary. Let us determine the height of the tent put up exactly for 11 persons. 

Q.11 The external diameter of a conical-coronet made off thermocol is 21cm in length. To wrap up the outer surface of the coronet with foil, the expenditure will be ₹ 57.75 at the rate of 10p per m2. Let us write by calculating, the height and slant height of the coronet.

Q.12 A heap of wheat is in the shape of a right circular cone, its base diameter is 9m and height is 3.5m Let us determine the total volume oi wheat. Let us calculate the minimum quantity of plastic sheet to be required to cover up this heap of wheat [suppose π = 3.14]

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