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Physical Science Question Paper 2019

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1. Multiple choice question.
1.1 Which among the following gases absorb long wavelength infrared radiation emitted from the earth’s surface?
(a) N2
(b) O2
(c) CH4
(d) He

1.2 At STP, 2.24 ltr is occupied by
(a) 4.4 g CO2
(b) 0.64 g SO2
(c) 28 g CO
(d)16 g O2

1.3 How many molecules of CO2 will be produced when one mole C reacts completely with one mole O2?
(a) 6.022×10^23
(b) 1.806×10^24
(c) 6.022×10^22
(d) 6.022×10^24

1.4 For a solid, how many types of thermal expansion coefficients are there?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

1.5 Which one of the following has the highest wavelength?
(a) x-ray
(b) γ-ray
(c) infrared ray
(d) Ultraviolet ray

1.6 In case of refraction, if the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction are 45° and 30° respectively, then the angle of deviation is
(a) 75°
(b) 15°
(c) 7.5°
(d) 37.5°

1.7 Temperature remaining unchanged if the potential difference between the two ends of a conductor is V and the current through the conductor is I, which of the following is true?
(a) V∝I
(b) V∝I²
(c) V∝I^(-1)
(d) V∝I^(-2)

1.8 The relation among electromotive force (V), work (W) and charge (Q) is
(a) Q=WV
(b) Q=V/W
(c) Q=V/W²
(d) Q=W/V

1.9 For the atom produced by β-particle emission from a radioactive atom
(a) mass number increases
(b) atomic number increases
(c) mass number decreases
(d) atomic number decreases

1.10 To which group of the long periodic table do the halogen elements belong?
(a) Group 1
(b) Group 16
(c) Group 17
(d) Group 2

1.11 Solid state of which of the following compounds is composed of ions?
(a) sodium chloride
(b) hydrogen chloride
(c) naphthalene
(d) glucose

1.12 Which of the following has the highest ability to conduct electricity?
(a) pure water
(b) aqueous solution of sugar
(c) liquid HCl
(d) aqueous solution of acetic acid

1.13 In the first step of fixation of nitrogen which of the following compounds is formed as a result of lightning.
(a) NO
(b) NO2
(c) N2O5
(d) HNO3

1.14 Which of the following is the formula of bauxite, ore of aluminium?
(a) Al2O3
(b) Al2O3H2O
(c) Al2O32H2O
(d) AlF3.3NaF

1.15 Which of the following is the alkyl group containing two carbon atoms?
(a) methyl
(b) ethyl
(c) propyl
(d) isopropyl


2. Answer the following question (alternatives are to be noted).
2.1 Write down the unit of calorific value of fuel?
Or, Does the temperature increase or decrease with increase in altitude in the stratosphere?
2.2 Which radiation, coming from the sun, is prevented by the ozone layer from falling on the earth’s surface?
2.3 State whether the following statement is true or false.
The volume of gas molecules is taken into consideration in Avogadro’s law.
2.4 The product of volume and pressure of how many grams of N2 gas is 224 litre atmospheres at STP? (N=14)
2.5 Whether the following statement is true or false?
The constituent’s particles of a material change position during conduction of heat through it.
Or, The width and the cross section of a conductor remaining unchanged, what is the relation between the thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of that conductor?
2.6 What will be the angle of incidence when a ray of light passes through the centre of curvature of a concave mirror?
2.7 How many rectangular surfaces are there in a prism?
2.8 Give an example of semiconductor.
2.9 A thin wire and a thick wire of the same conducting material have the same length. Which one of them will carry more current when connected to the same potential difference?
2.10 Mention one misuse of nuclear fission reaction.
Or, Which law explains the release of huge amount of energy in nuclear fusion?
2.11 Match the right column with the left column:

Left ColumnRight Column
2.11.1) Oxide layer protects from attack by
the water vapour
2.11.2) Group-1 element of the long periodic
table having the least reducing power
2.11.3) When the metal remains exposed
to air,the metal slowly develops
green patches on its surface
2.11.4) Group 2 element of long periodic table
having the least atomic radius

2.12 Draw the Lewis dot structure of N2 molecule, (N=7)

2.13 Which kind of electricity is used in electrolysis?

Or, Write down the cathode reaction in the electrolysis of acidulated water using platinum electrodes.

2.14 In electroplating gold on brass, what is the electrolyte used?

2.15 What colour is formed in the reaction of ammonia with Nessler’s reagent?

2.16 Write down the formula of the precipitate formed when H2S gas is passed through an aqueous solution of silver nitrate.

Or, Write the name of the compound which is formed by the reaction of nitrogen with magnesium metal at a high temperature.

2.17 What is the value of H-C-H bond angle in methane?

Or, Write the IUPAC name of CH3CH2COOH.

2.18 What is the industrial source of CNG?


3. Answer the following questions.
3.1 What is the concept of sustainable development?

3.2 1g of a gas at 7°C and 2 atmosphere pressure occupies a volume of 410 ml. determine the molar mass of the gas. (R = 0.082 litre atmosphere 〖mole〗^(-1) K^(-1))

Or, A fixed mass of gas occupies a volume of 273cm³ at STP. At what pressure the above gas will occupy a volume of 300cm³ at 27°C?

3.3 What is the refractive index of a medium?

Or, Which type of defect of vision is rectified by a convex lens?

3.4 Two resistance r1 and r2, when connected separately to the same potential difference, it was seen that the current flowing through r1 was 6times the current flowing through r2. Determine the ratio of r1 and r2.

3.5 How does Kossel explain the formation of ionic bond?

Or, Liquid hydrogen chloride can not conduct electricity, but molten sodium chloride can conduct electricity. Explain.

3.6 Distinguish between sodium chloride and naphthalene by two physical properties.

3.7 Between two aqueous solution, one is ferric chloride and the other is aluminium chloride. How would you identify the ferric chloride solution using aqueous solution of ammonia? Answer with balanced chemical equation.

3.8 Why zinc blende can be called both mineral and ore of zinc?

Or, Mention two ways of preventing rusting of iron.

3.9 Write with balanced chemical equation what happens when methane is burnt in oxygen.

Or, Mention one use of each of acetic acid and ethyl alcohol.


4. Answer the following questions.
4.1 What is meant by molar volume of a gas? Mention two reasons for deviation of real gasses from the behaviour of ideal gases.

4.2 How many grams of Al is required to prepare 558g of Fe by the reduction of Fe2O3 With Al at high temperature? How many moles of Fe2O3 be required in the reaction? (F=55.8, Al=27, O=16)

Or, By heating 32.1gram ammonium chloride with calcium hydroxide 10.2g NH3 33.3g CaCl2, and 10.8g H2O are obtained. How many grams of calcium hydroxide takes part in the reaction? How many mole of NH3, and how many litre of NH3 at STP are formed in the reaction? (N=14, H=1)

4.3 Which quantities remain fixed in the definition of volume expansion coefficient of a gas? Name a non-metal which is a good conductor of heat.

Or, What is meant by ‘linear expansion coefficient of copper is 17×10^(-6)/°C’? Why does the value remain the same even in Kelvin scale?

4.4 What type of mirror is used by the dentists? Why a ray of light does not deviate as a result of refraction through a glass slab?

4.5 When an object is placed 20cm away from a convex lens, no image is obtained on either side of the lens. What is the focal length of the lens? If the refractive index of glass with respect to air is 1.5, what is the refractive index of air with respect to glass?

Or, The length of an object is 5cm. An image of length 10cm is obtained when it is placed at distance of 2cm in front of a convex lens. What is the linear magnification and image distance?

4.6 Write in brief the basic principal of hydro-electric power generation.

4.7 A current of 1 A flows when an electric bulb is connected to 220 V mains. What could be the current when the same bulb is connected to 110V mains?

Or, Find the ratio of resistance for two bulbs of 220V-60W and 110V-60W.

4.8 Explain why a new element is formed by α-particle emission but no new element is formed by γ-ray emission from a radioactive element.

4.9 Write down Dobereiner’s law of triads. Arrange Cl, Br, I, F in increasing order of their oxidising power.

Or, What is the important conclusion of Moseley’s experiment? What is the importance of this conclusion in regard to periodic table?

4.10 Write two differences between the conduction of electricity through a metallic and an electrolyte during electrolysis. In electrolytic refining of copper metal, impure copper rode is used as which electrode?

4.11 Write the names of the chemicals used and balanced chemical equation in the industrial production of urea.

4.12 (A) and (B) are two unsaturated hydrocarbons, each containing two carbon atoms. On reaction with bromine, (A) adds one molecule of bromine per molecule and (B) adds two molecules of bromine per molecule. Write structural formula of (A) and (B). Write balanced chemical equation of reaction of (B) with bromine.

Or, Write balanced chemical equation of the reaction of sodium hydroxide with acetic acid. Which one between jute and polythene is environment friendly for packaging and why?

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