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Life Science Question Paper 2019

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Group – A

1. Write the answer in the complete sentence by choosing the correct answer for each question with the respective serial number:

1.1 Select which of the following statement is correct related to tropic movement –
(a) It is controlled by the intensity of the stimulus
(b) Overall change of place takes place by a plant or part of the plant
(c) This movement is observed in the algae called Vol-vox.
(d) It is an induced movement of curvature controlled by the direction of stimulus

1.2 Read the following sentences and identify the sentence which is not correct –
(a) FSH, LH and Prolactin are different types of GTH
(b) Adrenaline decreases cardiac output
(c) Insulin facilitates the absorption of glucose into the cell through cell membrane
(d) Progesterone helps in the formation of placenta in female body

1.3 Determine the number of Cranial nerves in human body –
(a) 10 Pairs
(b) 31 Pairs
(c) 12 pairs
(d) 21 pairs

1.4 Identify the correct feature of Amitosis cell division –
(a) Occurs in germ mother cell of sexually reproducing organism
(b) It is called indirect cell division
(c) Chromosome and Spindle fibre are formed
(d) Chromosome and Spindle fibre are not formed

1.5 Determine which of the following statement is correct regarding the significance of meiosis
(a) It results in overall growth and development of body
(b) It results in the growth of reproductive organs and embryo of the organism
(c) It produces haploid gamete containing hereditary variations
(d) It regenerates the organ in the body of some animals if it is lost

1.6 Select the correct pair and write it –
(a) Multiple fission – Hydra
(b) Fragmentation – Spirogyra
(c) Regeneration – Fern
(d) Budding – Planaria

1.7 Identify which of the following is a dominant trait –
(a) Length of the stem – Dwarf
(b) Shape of the seed – Wrinkled
(c) Colour of the cotyledon – Yellow
(d) Colour of the flower – White

1.8 Assess how many types of gametes are produced from the Pea plant having the genotype RRYY –
(a) One type
(b) Four types
(c) Two types
(d) Three types

1.9 Select which of the following two genotypes are responsible for the expression of the phenotype wrinkled yellow in Pea plant –
(a) RRYY and rryy
(b) RRYy and RrYy
(c) RRyy and Rryy
(d) rrYY and rrYy

1.10 Identify which of the following indicates inter-specific struggle –
(a) Struggle among the members of guppy fish for feeding on mosquito larvae
(b) I Struggle between snakes and owls for capturing rats for eating
(c) Struggle within a group of deer for feeding on grass at the same location
(d) Struggle between tigers in a jungle for preying on deer

1.11 Determine the term related to the theory of Lamarck –
(a) Struggle for existence
(b) Origin of variation
(c) Inheritance of acquired characters
(d) Natural selection

1.12 Identify the animal the communicates information with other members of its own group through specific dancing pattern regarding the sources of food –
(a) Chimpanzee
(b) Cockroach
(c) Peacock
(d) Honeybee

1.13 Decide which of the following if remains for a long time in the environment, the probability of its biomagnification increases –
(a) Newspaper
(b) Faecal matters of animals
(c) Rotten leaves
(d) Chlorinated insecticide

1.14 Gorumara, Corbett, Kulik, Nandadevi – choose the correct sequence from the following which is correct for the above forests in sequence –
(a) Biosphere Reserve, Sanctuary, National Park, National Park
(b) National Park, National Park, Biosphere Reserve, Sanctuary
(c) National Park, National Park, Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve
(d) Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve, National Park, Sanctuary

1.15 If the number of pollen grains, fungal spores, and dust particles increases suddenly in the air, decide which of the following problems may increase –
(a) Tuberculosis
(b) Asthma
(c) Malaria
(d) Dengue

Group – B

2. Answer 21 questions out of 26 questions given below as instructed:

Fill In the blanks with proper words in the following sentences (any five):

2.1 By the influence of __ hormone the hairs on the skin get erected at emergency situation.

2.2 Chromosome is the condensed coiled structure of __ molecule.

2.3 The sexual reproduction that occurs among two genotypically different organisms belonging to the same species, is called __.

2.4 __ was the aggregate of some large colloidal molecules during the early phase of origin of life.

2.5 __ is derived from the root of Sarpagandha plant which is used as medicine for lowering high blood pressure.

2.6 The ex situ conservation by keeping sample seeds in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C is called __.

Decide whether the following statements are true or false (any five):

2.7 Dilute urine is profusely eliminated by a person affected with Diabetes Insipidus.

2.8 The Carpel of flowering plants collect pollen grains with the help of hairy and sticky style.

2.9 A pair of sex-determining sex chromosomes are present in the ovum of humans.

2.10 According to Darwin organisms reproduce at geometric ratio.

2.11 One-horned rhinoceros is conserved at Manas National Park of West Bengal.

2.12 Acetylcholine and adrenaline are neurotransmitters.

Match the words in Column-A with those which are most appropriate in Column-B and re-write the correct pair mentioning the serial no. of both the columns (any five):

2.13) Presbyopiaa)BbRr
2.14) Cell differentiation of Phase
of growth
2.15) Genotype of Guineapig having
black and coarse
c)Near vision is defective
2.16) Hot dilute soupd)Change of climate and global warming
2.17) Destruction of forest and erosion
of ecosystem
e)Formation of spindle fibre during animal cell division
2.18) Centrosomef)Formation of tissue organ and system

Answer in a single word or in a single sentence (any six):

2.19 Chose the odd one and write it– Glossopharyngeal, Oculomotor, Trigeminal, Oxytocin.

2.20 What is the function of the fluid present in the intermediate chamber between lens and retina of the eyeball?

2.21 A pair of related terms is given below. On the basis of the relationship in the first pair write the suitable Word in the gap of second pair.

Grafting: Mango: __: China Rose

2.22 What is the cause of expression of haemophilia disease only at homozygous condition?

2.23 Write the genotypic ratio obtained at 2nd filial generation in the monohybrid experiment done by Mendel.

2.24 Which type of evolution is indicated by homologous organs?

2.25 Among the following four terms one includes the other three. Find it out and write it: Pesticides used in Agriculture, Typhoid, Water Pollution, liquid wastes from factories

2.26 In which type of in situ conservation practice, the diversity, culture, and lifestyle of humans are preserved along with microorganisms, wild animals, and wild plants?

Group – C

3. Answer any 12 questions in 2-3 sentences out of 17 questions given below:

3.1 Illustrate with the help of a word diagram the nervous pathway of the way you will open the door by hearing the doorbell.

3.2 State the locations of Meninges and CSF.

3.3 What influences gibberellin hormone exert on the seeds and intenode of plants? Explain.

3.4 Write the names of the different refractive medium of eyeball in proper sequence.

3.5 During the meiosis cell division, reduction in the number of chromosomes and exchange of segments between chromatids take place Analyse what are the significance of these two phenomena.

3.6 Distinguish between asexual and sexual reproduction on the basis of following features:

• Number of Parents

• Nature of offspring

3.7 Identify the stages of Karyokinesis of mitotic cell division depending on the following features:
• Alignment of chromosomes along the equator of the cell and their arrangement in a definite pattern
• Disintegration of spindle fibres
• Disappearance of nuclear membrane and nucleolus
• Movement of daughter chromosomes to the opposite poles of cell

3.8 To establish the law of segregation in case of Pea plants, you are asked to select characters. Write two such characters having opposite traits.

3.9 A daughter is born to a woman carrier for the colour-blind disease who married a colour-blind man. What would be the probability of expression of colour blindness in that girl child? Analyse your answer.

3.10 Write the name of two genetic diseases which are expressed in human populations.

3.11 Tigers are extinct but there are many deer in the jungle. A few tigers are brought from another sanctuary and released in such a jungle. Imagine and write the names of different kinds of struggle for existence those tigers have to be involved in.

3.12 Describe any two adaptations in Sundari plant for tolerance of salt.

3.13 Explain how do the chimpanzees hunt termites for food.

3.14 List the harmful effects of the following pollutants
(i) Greenhouse gas
(ii) SPM
(iii) Chemical fertilizers used in agriculture
(iv) Non-biodegradable chemical insecticide

3.15 Give one example of exotic species causing damage of local biodiversities in each of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

3.16 Write the in-situ conservation measures taken for one endangered reptile species and name one site of such conservation in West Bengal.

3.17 “Poaching is one of the fundamental causes of endangeredness of animal diversity in India” Assess four causes for which animals are poached in India.


[Long Answer Type Questions]

4.Write six questions or their alternatives given below.
4.1 Draw an eat diagram of a neurone and label the following parts:
(a)Dendron (b)Node of Ranvier
(c)Myelin sheath (d)Schwann cell

Draw a neat diagram of anaphase of mitosis of an animal cell and label the following parts:
(a) Polar region (b)Spindle
(c)Chromatid (d)Centromere

4.2 Why reproduction is important for an organism? “Meiosis is characteristically different from mitosis”. How would you justify the statement?
Describe 5 processes of asexual reproduction with one suitable example for each.

4.3 Show the result of hybridization till F generation between a pure black (BB) coarse-haired (RR) guineapig and a pure white (bb) smooth-haired (rr) guineapig by a checkerboard. State the conclusion one can reach from this hybridization experiment.
What symptoms are expressed in a child affected with thalassemia? What suggestion is given at the time of genetic counseling in such cases?

4.4 Describe the brief outline of the chemical origin of life mentioning Miller and Urey’s experiment.
Describe two major tenets of Lamarck’s evolutionary theory. How the comparative anatomy of hearts act as a proof in favour of evolutionary theory?

4.5 Analyze the role of bacteria at any three steps of nitrogen cycle. “Luxurious and comfortable life style is one of the major reason of air pollution” Support the statement with argument.
Give two examples of animal biodiversity endangered by the pollution of the river Ganga. Explain any three incidence which are occurring as a result of disruption of nitrogen cycle.

4.6 “Change of climate and global warming is a problem resulting from the increasing human population”-Summarize what impact it might exert on the environment. “Children and adults both suffer from different respiratory problems during the winter” – Write two names of such problems and state one symptom of each of them.
You have identified three environmental problems while on research in Sundarbans –

  • Disbalance in prey-predator number
  • Destruction of mangrove plants due to urbanization
  • Submergence of islands due to rising sea level
    Analyze what impacts they might exert on biodiversity.
    Write the location of the Sundaland hotspot and one important species of its biodiversity.


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